Professional Banner Printing
You’ll Proudly Display Indoors and Outdoor

Place custom banners in strategic locations outside your store or at the next trade show. Seeing your promotional banners helps increase recall of the business and association of your product or service to the name itself. They also serve as directional or informational displays for important events in your business area.


When choosing a banner for your business, ensure it's also rugged and tough enough to last through heavy indoor and outdoor use.


AK Printing offers quality banner printing services that let you hang, roll up, store, or display banners all year-round. Your banners are made to last, giving you reliability and great value. Look no further for the best printing company around.


Top Choices for Outdoor Banner Displays

Your banner choice depends on how it will be displayed and the material that brings out the details of your design. Here are the best choices for outdoor banners:

  1. Vinyl banners are built to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  2. Fabric banners showcase a high-resolution image on heavy-duty polyester fabric.
  3. Mesh banners are the go-to for outdoor advertising during windy seasons or in windy areas.
  4. Pole banners are usually displayed on a light or utility pole. This makes your promotions easily visible for motorists and pedestrians on the road.
  5. Step and repeat banners make handy photoshoot backdrops during events. Print one logo repeatedly or have several sponsors’ logos as part of the background.

Indoor Displays You Can Assemble in Minutes

Order a banner you can easily assemble and put up at indoor events such as trade shows and conferences. These banner printing choices save you time and let you focus on direct customer interaction. Your custom banners are easily seen thanks to durable aluminum stands that show off the crisp, clear printing of your design.

  1. Retractable banners come with a base to set on the ground and feet to keep it steady.
  2. Deluxe retractable banners come with shiny chrome caps. This option allows for a double-sided display. It also takes up less space compared to a standard retractable banner.
  3. Tabletop banners are the mini versions of the full-size retractable banners. You can quickly set up and place a number of these on tables at an event.
  4. X banner stands aare durable and lightweight indoor displays you can reuse for different events. No need to add special hardware to set up the sturdy tripod base.
  5. Pop-up displays show off your exhibit or promotion in sizes as large as 96” x 89” or 112” x 89”. Bright colors and crisp images stand out when seen from afar or appreciated up close.

Have specific questions about your custom banner printing needs? Feel free to contact us or chat online with one of our customer service representatives.