Elevate first impressions with raised foil business cards. 

Want a simple way to glam up your introductions? Print raised foil business cards.  

Hand them to your prospects and watch their amazement as your cards sparkle and shine when light hits the foil accents. Feel the excitement as fingertips discover the three-dimensional texture of raised foil. It’s easy to see how raised foil printing can take business introductions to a whole new level. 

The Perfect Size for Any Introduction

Raised foil business cards come in the U.S. standard size which is 2" x 3.5". This refers to the finished business card design that’s printed and ready to be handed out.  

Handy Tips That Raise the Bar 

Start creating your own raised foil business cards today. Just remember to:   

  • Ensure the raised foil accents in your design are well-defined and highlight important elements that you want to convey.  
  • Choose colors that will contrast nicely with your foil accents.  
  • Take advantage of our free design templates so you can easily make your own raised foil business cards today! 
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