Your Biggest Promotions Seen on Banners and Signs


Made of Materials Built to Last 
Aluminum frames that hold your banners. Thick and waterproof plastic or vinyl material that lasts outdoors. Glossy photo paper that looks fresh even after long-term display.
Show Your Brand Off, Indoors & Outdoors

Bring retractable and step and repeat banners to the next trade show. Hang up a large vinyl banner in your store’s neighborhood. Print several posters for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Customizable Sizes and Premium Coating Choices

Have a specific size in mind for your banners or signs? Create custom banners and signs that fit your specifications and vision. Indicate your preferred width and height, and you can easily create it online. 

How to Create Custom Banners and Signs

This step-by-step guide helps you find and complete the best design for your large format promotions.  

Select a banner or sign that effectively reaches and sells to your market. Want to capture more customers outdoors? Hang up a vinyl banner. High-resolution image ads are best printed on large format posters displayed in areas like bus and train stations. Looking to draw in more clients at niche trade shows or conventions? Create retractable banners and step and repeat banners for engagement.  

Customize your banners and signs with features that distinguishes the details. Select a material and finish that brings out the important aspects of your design. Gloss coating brightens the colors on your design, while matte makes larger text easier to read from afar. 

Print in a material that endures what the banner or sign is exposed to. Outdoor signs such as vinyl banners and yard signs are built to last and withstand the elements. But other displays need to be distinguished with the chosen material. 

  • Mounted poster signs for outdoor display are best printed in thick, rigid, and waterproof PVC board. 
  • Step and repeat banners are best printed in 13 oz vinyl for outdoor use, but for windier weather the 15 oz. vinyl is recommended. 

The following banners and signs are best displayed indoors: 

  • Retractable banners are often seen in conventions, conferences, and trade shows. 
  • Large format posters are printed on premium photo paper, which maintains its quality indoors. 
  • Bulk posters stand out in community boards or other inside displays. The smaller size options allow you to announce and promote within specific locations.


Add features that will securely display your custom banners or signs.  

Hemming strengthens your banner’s edges. You can complement this with grommets, rings that are fastened on the corners of the banner. Rope is usually placed through the grommets to hang the banner from above. 

Pole pockets give space on the top and bottom of the banner for poles to go through. The poles carry the banner’s weight and prevent it from falling off its display point. You can add pole pockets on opposite sides for banners to hang flat.   


Metal Signs

All the parking signs keep parking facilities orderly and safe. Whether you own a private or a public car park, having custom parking signs in your property ensures that designated parking spaces are respected.

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Yard Signs

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