Print a Calendar and Keep Your Brand Front & Center All Year Round

Create the perfect custom calendar to give away to loyal customers or as corporate giveaways during the holidays. Recipients will appreciate the detailed design and immediate use of the calendar for the coming year. But calendars aren’t just sought-after giveaways; they can also make you the center of attention, all year round. A branded custom calendar can create an untold number of impressions and brand recognition every day throughout the year. Here are some of the other handy and attractive features of choosing calendars as your following marketing tool:


Select a format your customers will want to display immediately.

Wall calendars are bound with Wire-O or saddle-stitching and display each month on a separate page, making them great for planning and showing events. Plus, tearing a page off your wall calendar at the end of each month gives a feeling of satisfaction and completion.

Poster calendars have all 12 months on one page and can double as decoration for your home or workplace. This format is trendy for photo calendars or visual design displays. Some people even collect poster calendars solely for the designs and display the photos even after the year’s over.

You can also order multi-color desk pads for your important clients and partners. For your hardworking staff or work-from-home customers, the span-a-year calendar lets them write and erase notes on a laminated surface with a marker.

Magnetic calendars are easy to stick on fridges, lockers, or filing cabinets—places we frequently check throughout the day. What better way to keep your brand in front of your customers? These are popular for restaurant deliveries, dentists, plumbers, locksmiths, and other service-oriented businesses.

Card calendars are an excellent alternative to business cards. They fit neatly in wallets and are a more portable option over desk calendars.


Easily upload a file, download a ready template, or create your custom calendar design from scratch online.

We make it easy for you to print a calendar that fits any need. Start making your calendar using our free calendar templates. These templates account for bleed, proofing, and other technical requirements needed to make accurate, proof-ready custom calendars.


No time to personalize a design? Print high-quality images with our American landscape options.

Give your gift recipients a break from their work with beautiful custom-made photo calendars showcasing the country’s natural landscapes. Check out the landscapes featured in either the American Splendor desk calendar or the Landscape of America English. As another visually arresting alternative, there are also the American West paintings by Tim Cox.

Essential Parts of a Calendar

Here's what to put on your calendar design:

  • An image showcasing the month's theme. You can relate the main photo or artwork to your company or brand values.
  • The month and a related message to reinforce the theme. For example, February can focus on radical love while November can cover gratitude.
  • Holidays and any custom events related to your business. Be sure to mark dates relevant to your business, like Black Friday. Emphasize these dates with unique stickers or shapes.


Custom Calendars FAQs

Will I save more with custom calendars in bulk?
Yes, the larger your order quantity, the lower you spend per calendar. The online calculator will show the total and unit price based on your order specifications.

What are the preferred file formats for submitted calendar designs?
PDF is the preferred format for direct file uploads on the site. You can also submit the calendar design file in AI, JPEG, PDF, PSD, and PUB.

How soon can I receive the custom calendars?
The arrival of your order depends on the printing time and your location. Note that we'll ship your calendar after the selected or default printing time. To find out how soon you can receive the order, select "Estimate Shipping & Delivery" below the online calculator and several arrival dates will appear based on your ZIP code.

Card Calendars
Card calendar printing is a handy way to have your brand right in front of a customer. Unlike other giveaways, calendars will find their place in your customer’s refrigerator, wallet, or office. The 2”x 3.5” size is the same as a business card, and just like a business card, they easily fit into a pocket or wallet, making them convenient to distribute.
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Magnetic Calendar Printing

Magnetic calendars make it possible to create brand impressions in homes and workspaces for at least a year. Calendars are always a welcome gift or freebie. Include them in special promos or send them out as presents to special customers. Recipients will appreciate how magnetic calendars can easily stick on fridges, filing cabinets, or lockers for quick reference. These neat little marketing tools make it easy to build a brand presence and collect impressions every time someone checks their calendar.

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Poster Calendars

Poster calendars are a convenient and functional reference everyone will display in their homes. Unlike common, multipage calendars, you can hang or stick these easily on a wall. It takes up less space and anyone can look at it all year long. The large size ensures the poster calendar is easy to find.

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