Professional Poster Printing to Distinguish Your Unique Message




Create colorful, high-quality posters that instantly call your customers’ attention. Display your distinct design at their favorite coffee shop, at the next big trade show, or at the bus station.

Choose from three kinds of posters made of durable yet lightweight material. Your product printing choice depends on several factors, such as the size, material, and finish of your artwork.

Keep these features in mind as you decide on the best poster type for your ads and promotions:



Popular Poster Sizes

Get the right-sized poster you need.




Poster Type and Materials


Bulk Poster
Large Format Posters
Mounted Posters
White PVC Board  Yes
HP Photo PaperYes  
80 lb. Paper GlossYesYes 
20 mil. Styrene Yes 
100 lb. PaperYes  
10 pt. CardstockYes  
14 pt. CardstockYes  


A Variety of Durable Materials

 White PVC Board

  • Durable and lightweight material
  • Water-resistant for outdoor use

20 mil. Styrene

  • Suitable for long-term indoor use
  • Easy to roll for storage and shipping
  • Waterproof feature makes it perfect for temporary outdoor displays

80 lb. Paper Gloss

  • Medium weight that makes it easy to carry
  • Gloss coating brings out the boldness and brightness of the colors

100 lb. Paper

  • Fine quality and smooth textured paper that is thicker than the standard magazine paper
  • Gloss coating comes with a shiny finish and prints colors in vivid detail
  • Matte coating has a non-gloss finish that suits soft colors and text-based designs

HP Photo Paper

  • Semi-gloss and high-gloss finish
  • Colors come out bright and bold

10 pt. Cardstock

  • Durable cardstock that’s easy to carry around and hand out
  • Comes with scratch and scuff-resistant gloss coating
  • Matte coating produces an elegant, muted hue

14 pt. Cardstock

  • Durable cardstock with gloss or matte coating
  • Gloss coating makes colors pop and the poster shine
  • Matte gives colors an elegant, subdued appearance