Product labelling is a part of the packaging of a product. Labelling is the written information on the packages. These written labels on the package cover important information which needs to be communicated to a customer. This labeling product is very useful for company or some store that wants to promote their product. Presentation has an important role to your packaging and product so that you can be sure that your product is exactly how your costumer wants. They make this easy to create a brand image. Containers, packaging design, gift boxes, and other items will all benefit from packaging labels. Roll labels will enable you to improve your packaging, remind clients, and organize your workspace.


Wide variety of shapes to choose from

Durable materials for indoor and outdoor is used

Sticks to soft surface

0.5" x 1"100$ 225.47
250$ 236.02
500$ 237.37
1000$ 240.05
2000$ 245.41
2500$ 247.83
3000$ 250.25
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